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Community Enrichment Programs, Ministries, & Services

First Baptist Church of Beaufort

Pictured Below: Church Officers and Congregation Leaders Establish The Church's
$1,000,000 Parsonage Endowment Fund.


August 22, 2021.  Left to Right: 1st Row: Emily Graham, Pastor Don Hadley, Sara Hadley, and Glenn Spivey.  2nd Row: Bill Brummett, John Lampros, Jim Johnson, and Steve Goodwin witness the official establishment of the First Baptist Church Community Outreach Program dedicated Endowment Fund earnings. 

Beginning January 2022, The Endowment Earnings Will Be Placed Into FBC of Beaufort's Outreach Ministry Dedicated To The Local Community.  The church also known as "Harbor of Hope" in the harbor town of Beaufort plans programs, ministries, and services that will enrich local community life.  Dr. Donald W. Hadley, currently servicing the church as it's Intentional Interim Minister is leading the church through a transition and facility update preparing the congregation to reach out into the community and find the needs that the church can best address that will help the people, help the community, and most importantly, Glorify God using the Blessing He has provided the church.


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