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Steve Goodwin, author of Beyond the Crow’s Nest, at his home in Beaufort, N.C.

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Steve Goodwin

Steve has dedicated himself so thoroughly to a subject that he loves– and has a personal connection to (coming from a menhaden fishing family and having worked in the industry when he was a young man) — that he understands it to an unparalleled depth.

Beyond the Crow’s Nest is Steve’s magnum opus: an in-depth, but highly readable account that brings together his years of research on the local menhaden industry from 1865 to the closing of Beaufort Fisheries in 2005.

Celia Faye Styron, Beaufort NC, author of The Tides Have Spoken

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Celia Faye Styron

Ms. Styron’s new book is entitled The Tides Have Spoken. This book is a collection of stories from Ms. Styron’s childhood, born and raised in the Fish House overlooking Taylor’s Creek in Beaufort.

Ms. Styron grew up in this small cottage with her family, including her father, Capt. Louis Christopher Styron, the fisherman for whom the cottage was named. Capt. Styron repaired and restored fishing boats in addition to making and mending nets for other fishermen in the yard next to the home.

A lifelong resident of Beaufort, Ms. Styron indulges in her love for the old Fish House with stories that would be shared if its walls could talk. The pages are filled with memories of working on her family’s shrimp boat and life in Beaufort in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Through her stories, she is able to savor memories and share them with those who weren’t able to experience a life spent on the water.

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Judith Adams, Beaufort NC, primary sponsor and chairperson of Beaufort Remembers Documentary

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Judy Adams

A documentary film of daily life in Beaufort from the 1920s to the 1960s, told through the voices of those who lived it. The film was conceived and produced by the Beaufort Documentary Group with Scrapbook Video Productions, Inc., as an independent project relying mainly on contributions of the citizens of Beaufort—their memories, stories, photos, and finances.

“We are thrilled to be providing this legacy of living memories to the town of Beaufort,” said Judy Adams, primary sponsor and chair of the Documentary Group. “It’s not only a way to preserve priceless stories and photos of Beaufort’s recent past, it’s also a perfect tribute to our elder citizens. These are the people who’ve built the businesses and raised the families that have made Beaufort the wonderful place it is today. Interviews with Beaufort residents who grew up here and lived here from the 1920s through the 1960s are the heart of the film. “The re-telling of personal stories from one generation to the next has long been a way to preserve culture and values.”

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Beaufort Remembers 

John Partin, Bogue Banks, author of Savage Pastures

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John Partin 

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John Partin grew up on a cattle farm in Georgia, then the coast and mountains of the Carolinas. His poems have been published in several works, most notably North Carolina Poetry Society-Award Winning Poems, Signs Along the Way, Catfish Stew, and KaKaLak.

John earned his BS from East Carolina University and MBA from Clemson University. He is now retired and lives on Bogue Banks, an Island off of Morehead City, North Carolina.