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Operation Christmas Child


Update On Operation Christmas Child

Church Tops OCC Box Goal, 58 Boxes Filled 

The ministry was worthy – blessing disadvantaged children around the world

with shoeboxes stuffed with Christmas presents placed in their hands in the name of the

One whose birthday we celebrate this season. 

A challenging goal was set – assemble more of these boxes than we did last year (52)

and do so inside of a two-week deadline. 

The motivation was there – placed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. 

And – drum roll – we met our goal and then some! 

Thank you, everyone who participated.


You Can Participate All Year

A Generous Donation Has Been Offered To Pay For Postage In 2023.


Please Contact 252-728-4879 To Request Your Shoebox

Or Pick It Up At The Church Before or After Worship Services and Special Events.



Christmas is about giving. 

God made it so by giving his Son, Jesus, to share life with us in this world,

die for our sins, and overcome death. 
The Christmas season will be more special for you if

(1) you remember the great gift God has given you in Jesus and
(2) you make Christmas more special for others and especially for children. 



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